Leopoly technological description


Leopoly is a content creation platform for 3D printing and beyond. Leopoly services and software applications:

  • enable everyday users to easily create and personalize unique objects that can be customized and 3D printed.
  • offer the easiest solution for companies who want to take advantage of the 3D printing technology, and provide mass customization possibilities  without investing into the technology for marketing purposes, product customization, merchandising and customer engagement.

Leopoly provides a technology that could be ran by visiting a simple webpage and provides tools that are very simple to use.


Leopoly is able to run in the most recent versions of common web browsers supporting webGL technology. Therefore, the following browsers are supported:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome

While the engine is running on the user’s PC using its resources, the performance of the engine is depending on the performance of video card, the amount of RAM and the type of CPU.


The engine is written in C++ and compiled to javascript with emscripten which could be run efficiently by the browsers. The limitation of browsers cause Leopoly to handle up to 200K polygons. In case of a port to a native PC environment there is no practical limitations.

Storing and Compatibility

Leopoly offers a wide range of design tools from parametric modeling to free sculpting tools, with a huge online gallery, where users can save, store, share their creations.

Import and export

All objects can be exported/imported in STL or OBJ file format.

Tools - The customizable Leopoly engine has the following tools and toolsets:

Sculpting toolset - A special type of mesh is used to let the sculpt feature work efficiently. The engine is continuously analyzing the surface in order to always provide enough polygons to display your creation’s details. Choose from different brushes and pick any preloaded material to simulate:

  • Pull/Push the surface directly with different intensity
  • Erase the surface you do not need or like
  • Smooth the surface to decrease polygons and simplify your creation
  • Flatten the 3D object to create perfectly flat surfaces
  • Edge the grooves or any part of your object
  • Sculpt the object as if it was plasticine
  • Mirror mode enables you to sculpt on both side of the object symmetrically

Parametric design: Design by using sliders only! With the powerful formshifter tool the engine creates adjustable designs.

  • Modify the vertical resolution and the sides of the object
  • Increase/Decrease the height, base- or top radius
  • Twist the object as you like
  • Aspect ratio - Modify two dimensions’ ratios of the object as considered from a specific direction, in particular.
  • Corrugate the object by modifying three different inner wave’s frequency, amplitude and offset in the XYZ axis.

Engrave/emboss: Using the sculpt technology Leopoly enables users to engrave or emboss even colorful shapes:

  • Several type of preselected icons, patterns
  • Your own drawing
  • Any uploaded image
  • The typed text

Paint: Unique feature that enables coloring the model, however it requires a special mesh type.

  • Choose a color or use the “Color Picker” tool and place your brush over any pixel of the object
  • Modify the Hue, Saturation or Brightness
  • Use the mirror mode for symmetric painting

DE:FORM: Distort or adjust a given model to customize it to the needs. Modification by sinus wave is implemented now. The following parameters are adjustable:

  • Wave amplitude
  • Wave frequency
  • Wave offset
  • Length of model.

For enterprises - Special customization apps: Customization bundle with preselected and themed objects with toolsets (for example: Vase creator, Pendant creator etc.) or tailor made apps with unique objects and creation tools.

For educational use: Admin panel for teachers and private gallery to store, categorize or share.

Looking for the old website? makers.leopoly.com