3D printing, scanning, AR and VR technologies create new digital landscapes and opportunities for industries and everyday people. Yet you have to be an expert in order to utilize these great technologies! Our aim is to make it easy, quick and affordable to utilize 3D and VR for brands, designers, developers, students and consumers! Our proprietary CAD and modeling based software solutions empower individuals and companies to easily and quickly:

  • Create, customize and assemble 3D / VR objects and digital assets and spaces
  • Create new editing, product configuration and assembly apps
3D printing, scanning, AR and VR technologies


Product configurator


Our 3D and VR product configurator allows you and your customers to easily personalize unique items that speak to their dreams, passion or needs. This easy to integrate software solution with an interface can unlock you and your customers' creative potentials and can create strong emotional attachment to your brand.

3D/VR/AR editors


We make it easy for you to create, customize, assemble, share, import, and export 3D files and digital objects within seconds! Join the maker community at to begin your first creation or simple have an integrated solution in your hardware or software platform to enable your users to unleash their creativity.

Branded VR/AR experiences

Branded VR/AR

It's time to immerse your customers in another dimension: promote, showcase and visualize, or create new experiences. We can quickly set up social, practical, fun and cross-platform tailor-made solutions fitting your needs!

Education & training apps

Assembly &
Training Applications

AR and VR opens up the potential for trainings that mimic the real environment, let it be the manufacturing line, operating table or other educational needs. Stay tuned, our solution is coming soon, which enables you to create your own content and to set up your own training environment using 3D and VR assets.

API's for developers

API and
Admin Interface

First Leopoly Admin Interface, and then our API, will be launched in the near future. This will enable everyday people, and also developers, to create custom apps and integrate the modules of Leopoly software capabilities into their solutions, ranging from a hardware or software platform, to an e-commerce website. This includes 3D model galleries and assets, 3D viewer, object editors of different types with simplification modules, material settings, coloring and much more.


How does it work?

Integration and porting

We are ready to integrate our software solutions into your existing software or hardware platform and workflow. You can use our tools built in your website, web-shop or on your device, and complement your offering with ours providing added value to your customers.

We only need API access or minimal support for the process.

Standalone solution

This is a pure, end-to-end, standalone browser-based solution or native app with your company logo. We can easily package the desired modules on the web, with a built around dedicated microsite – e.g. If you wish to serve your customers with a native Windows, Android, etc. app don’t look further, because you’ve found the solution. In VR we support HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung GearVR, Google Daydream.

Tailored solutions

We would love to hear your unique ideas and needs! We can create fully customized apps for your brand with your own unique user interface and tailor-made 3D tools.

After a friendly discussion we create a high level specification, and whilst we are putting your solution together we listen to your feedback carefully and adjust the product to fulfill your needs.

Connect with us today for your free consultation on your customized software solution.

Solutions for your industry

zSpace software hardware VR AR experience shapelab

Hardware & Software Platforms

At Leopoly, we believe content is king! With the rise of new technologies and advances in VR and AR, now more than ever we need to inspire and allow users to create and express themselves in new spaces. Leopoly’s content and asset creation tools can be integrated into your platform to showcase the strengths of your hardware and software solutions.

Clients already on board to inspire you

HP client


Leopoly 3D product creation platform is available on all HP Sprout devices, letting users design and create their personalized products easily.

zSpace client


STEAM students and teachers can now receive entry-level training courses, sample lessons and guides to learn how to customize and prepare digital objects for 3D printing.

Orchard client


We have developed the first retail mass customization solution for Lowe’s subsidiary company, Orchard to let customers personalize interior decorations before purchasing them.



Online stylish eyewear customizer platform linked to 3D printing.

3DP Companies client

3D Printing Companies

Two Chinese 3D printing industry leading company - AOD3D and Iceman3D ( – uses Leopoly to engage their customers and generate higher demand for 3D printing.



Together with FormUrLife, we offer stunning customizable lifestyle products, like special usb drives, 3D photo holders and more.


testimonial figure

We’ve been integrating Leopoly’s tools into our website to take our customer’s shopping experience to the next level. We need a 3D configurator that really compliments our products and Leopoly nailed it! We’ve been able to increase our customer conversion while decreasing the amount of development our team was doing. On top of that, Leopoly’s team is always extremely professional and easy to work with!

testimonial member

Chris Campbell
Founder - FormURLife

About us


CEO Zoltan is a 3D and VR enthusiast. He has 10 years experience in finance and operation at 3D for All Ltd, Leonar3Do VR Inc., and believes in the democratization of VR and 3D software solutions.


CEO Roland is an innovative thinker and doer. He believes that 3D and VR technologies can improve our lives. With Leopoly he is working on offering easy to use tools to bridge the gap between high tech technologies and everyday people and companies. Roland is also founder of TEDxDanubia.
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A professional team of 3D and VR experts! We empower individuals and organizations to step into the next digital revolution. We always push the boundaries of technology, products, and user experience; delivering our customized solutions on time and to your satisfaction! We love building partnerships, and enjoy connecting new technology solutions to our everyday lives.

We are inspired to build our clients solutions to enable enhanced emotional attachments for their customers and provide enhanced product functionality.


Leopoly awards

Special IBM Award, Slush, Helsinki 2015

Leopoly has been chosen from 100 great startup competitors and was awarded by a special IBM prize at Slush 2015 in Helsinki.

Leopoly awards

1st place, DIGIT.EMEA Istanbul, 2015

DIGIT.EMEA is a special event paving the digital economy future and welcoming thousands of C-level global leaders, digital and tech entrepreneurs and founders from 110 countries

Leopoly awards

- Highlights the most exciting startups from Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Leopoly was selected as the finalist of TOP 100 Red Herring Europe.

Leopoly awards

Central European Startup Awards

Leopoly was selected as the national finalist of Central European Startup Awards in the „Startup of the Year” category.

Leopoly awards

Award for the Successful Companies

Leopoly was honored by an „Award for the Successful Companies” from the Hungarian Government and was selected as the „Startup of the Month” in December 2016.


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