Design your own 3D-printed furniture and other items

Our partner, littleplus, is a small design studio established in 2005 and based in Budapest, Hungary. The studio focuses on finding the intersection between contemporary art, design, architecture, and interior design. The studio is designing, modeling, and executing projects within areas such as furniture and object design, interior and exterior architecture. The founder of the company, Márton Bojti, had an idea to apply 3D design and 3D printing in interior design and trusted our expertise to nurture the idea until it became a reality. We developed an easy user interface backed by our robust 3D design engine. The project is aiming to allow customers to design their own 3D-printed furniture and objects. 

Customers can design several items, such as:

Customers can design several items, such as:

The web-based application comes with a real-time visualization tool, also price calculator and some other important features. 

Try out the designer here:

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