An augmented reality safety training for smartphones about the global COVID-19 pandemic.

PwC’s goal was to develop an informative AR application that is engaging and easy to use for any employee without the need for an expensive VR headset while following the health recommendations of the CDC. Our effort resulted in the very first COVID-19 health and safety training that is according to the latest EU standards.

We have created an application that is easy to implement into the learning development scope for huge multinational companies, on smartphones with approved learning materials. You can learn about the structure of the novel coronavirus, see how the virus spreads through commonly used objects, and also familiarize yourself with social distancing setups and COVID-proof fixes at work to avoid spreading the virus.

Modules and features

The application also tests your knowledge of each of the three lessons with mini quizzes designed to ensure the employees memorize the key takeaways from the training and can proceed to work in a safe way, helping corporations return to their level before the pandemic hit.

“Since Leopoly has significant experience in the healthcare field and they understand the requirements of multinational companies Leopoly was the perfect choice for us to develop our AR Training module. The project went very smoothly as Leopoly was able to flexibly adapt to all of PwC’s technical and process requirements throughout the whole development. We hope to work again soon on other projects as well.”

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