The Hololens 2-optimized AR application was developed in close collaboration with medical engineers and doctors to create an effective solution for showcasing and demonstrating surgical instruments and medical equipment. The application features a built-in virtual inventory that allows users to spawn interactive holograms of real-life objects. Additionally, users have the flexibility to import various digital objects as needed.

The application’s online and LAN-based multi-user mode enables real-time interaction and collaboration among participants, regardless of their physical location, whether they are in the same room or on the other side of the globe.

The solution serves multiple purposes. During the early stages of product design and development, product designers and engineers can interact with product prototype holograms, conduct tests, and make comparisons with other products. Sales representatives and doctors can also be involved in this process. For existing products, the application allows potential customers to experience demonstrations, and it facilitates training on specific aspects of the products, such as proper handling techniques.

Additionally, physics can be simulated, precise dimensions can be measured, the inner structures of the products can be examined, and you can also assemble and disassemble any products. Furthermore, users can add annotations and take notes virtually to enhance the way they collaborate. Environments can also be organized and saved as “sessions” for later use. These preorganized virtual environments can provide goal-specific comprehensive and immersive experiences during demonstrations and training.

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