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Although textbooks have traditionally been a fundamental component of education, there is a
growing belief in the transformative power of personal 3D experiences. By harnessing the
power of the latest XR technologies (such as VR glasses, 3D screens, and AR glasses) and
its cross platform technology, Leopoly creates customized training applications that immerse
learners in virtual environments. This enables employees to absorb information and develop
skills in a more engaging and impactful manner.

Time to change outdated training methods in the aerospace industry

The aerospace industry is renowned for its innovation and commitment to operational
excellence. However, when it comes to training, the industry often relies on manual and
traditional methodologies. Leopoly recognizes this disparity and aims to revolutionize the
training approach in the aerospace sector.
“Collaborating closely with the esteemed industry stakeholder, SAAB, we are proud to have
embarked on a groundbreaking project. They are a great example of implementing new
technologies on a big scale.” shares Roland Mányai, the CEO of Leopoly.

Remote training eliminates constant supervision and reduces travel expenses. Measuring
employee performance within XR allows targeted interventions, ensuring efficient training
outcomes. Investing in XR training positions organizations at the forefront of innovation,
empowering their workforce for aerospace success and beyond.

By leveraging digital replicas of valuable assets, XR training empowers employees to learn
how to interact, maintain, and handle these assets with confidence. Learners gain practical
experience in a virtual environment, ensuring they are prepared to handle real-world
scenarios. Additionally, this approach overcomes the limitations of physical asset availability,
enabling training to proceed smoothly even when the necessary assets are not physically

“SAAB – LEOPOLY collaboration has started out excellent where LEOPOLY shows agility,
high competence in the MR domain and great customer interaction. First delivery was
exceeding expectations and we hope this will be the trademark for future collaboration.” said
Peter Sjöström. The objective was to leverage XR technologies to improve ground handling
of aircraft, train specific maintenance and monitoring procedures, and verify knowledge. The
project encompassed a pre-take-off check of the aircraft and the removal and installation of
a component, creating an ever-changing and memorable training system. This
groundbreaking initiative also paved the way for future maintenance operations to be
practiced on the same XR platform.

About Leopoly

Leopoly is one of the most experienced 3D and XR software development companies
operating for more than a decade. Their team of 30 people boasts a collective of over 200
years of experience in 3D & XR engineering industries in design, UI/UX, and product
planning. Their solutions are used by several Fortune 100 companies. For more information,
please visit our website.

This article was published in Digital Journal.

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