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Leopoly is changing 3D and VR design with fully customizable, industry-leading digital landscapes that are easy to use for a variety of projects. Our sophisticated, intuitive tool opens new doors to 3D design for everyone from corporate professionals to novice designers.
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3D printing and VR/AR technologies are creating new possibilities.

Leopoly will be your guide to the new industrial revolution: our flexible tools can be tailored to any business needs.

Alongside our proprietary 3D and VR/AR solutions built for your specific challenges, our expertise is our depth of technical knowledge, which lets us simplify your process by making it easy to utilize these complex technologies at any level. Whether you need to design, train, develop - we have the tool for you.

Achieve your business goals with our customizable, industry specific solutions built for diverse functions. Leopoly offers proprietary software solutions that speed up sales cycles, manipulate 3d designs, personalize product experiences, automate workflows, customize digital products and designs, improve customer experience, simplify training, and contribute to new product lines!
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Featured projects


Custom-built VR and AR experiences developed for the world’s leading 3D education provider.

HP Sprout

Leopoly’s 3D asset creation software is bringing all sorts of objects into the creative space.


A scientifically accurate digital resurrection of an ancient Roman village for a local museum, with the help of modern VR technologies.

Clients across the globe

We have been working together to several years and we highly recommend Leopoly to our partners looking for unique solutions for zSpace. The team's dedication, flexibility, and skillset in supplying tailor-made solutions are remarkable and Leopoly has become our most contributive educational training simulation developer.
I just met Leopoly at a VR convention in London. Already in the first minute, I noticed that these people say what they mean and do what they say. They kept their word. We have done some amazing VR projects and were on time and costs. The performance is great.
The team at Leopoly is well skilled in developing applications for the latest VR technologies. They are extremely responsive and take care to ensure the product meets the customer’s needs.
The Leopoly team is outstanding both in their professional expertise and flexibility towards the client. They not only went above and beyond in all of our needs in terms of the product concept and design but also consulted us about our business goals and vision, which really took our project to the next level.

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