Art & Design


In the emerging world of Metaverse, digital asset creation is on the rise. 3D assets are the building blocks of applications, virtual worlds, and metaverses. At the same time, XR devices are getting cheaper, more precise, reliable, and accessible to the general public. If you are interested in digital assets creation, concept art, and intuitive VR sculpting tools you are at the right place. 

VR sculpting tools you are at the right place.  Our VR sculpting application, Shapelab, is an intuitive VR design software using dynamic polygon mesh-based sculpting technology, empowering everyday users to become 3D creators while also providing 3D artists with a wide range of powerful and efficient tools to create high-quality models for professional use. 

Available solutions

for Education

We strongly believe that the future of 3D modeling is beyond 2D screens. Shapelab is great for any educational institutions, that already have 3D modeling in their courses or would like to implement such a curriculum. To support students, teachers, and institutions we offer special plans for educational purposes.

for Artists

VR interactions and your “presence” in the digital workspace make the 3D creation process much more intuitive. Virtual reality gives you spatial vision and movements, which is a huge benefit compared to traditional flat-screen solutions. It is easier and faster to work on a 3D object while being present in the same 3D environment.