Who we are

Leopoly is built upon a mission to deliver 3D and VR/AR solutions to everyone. Our team of innovators is dedicated to helping both businesses and individuals step into the digital revolution. We are always pushing the boundaries of design technology to empower our users and enhance their work.

We have been pursuing this goal for the last ten years as a team, and for the last 5 years as Leopoly. Our superpower is our production team, who have continuously built upon their expertise in technology, user experience, and product development so we can stay one step ahead and provide the best tools to our customers.

We believe that 3D and VR are the keys to the future, and combining intuitive use with advanced technology is our passion. We love building partnerships, customizing services, and creating new solutions that will improve our users' everyday lives. Our inspiration is you: satisfied users means satisfied creators. We are excited to continue building our repertoire, and look forward to making your projects easier and more exciting along the way!

Our mission

Industry leading 3D and VR/AR solutions

Leopoly aspires to show and utilize the virtual world on a professional and personal level by building customizable 3D and VR/AR technologies. Our market technology-leading solutions offer intuitive uses for any 3D or VR/AR project, with a special focus on training, testing, prototyping, design, presentation, and more.


Solutions used by
millions of people
10+ years of
Fortune 100

Core values

Continuous innovation
Total transparency
Raising the standard
User satisfaction

Continuous innovation

We are confident you cannot find better experts anywhere in the world. Everyone on our team shares a passion for constantly improving our products and creating new ones. We accept no less than exceptional solutions and results, and are always going back to the drawing board to find creative ways to build upon our products.

Total transparency

To know is to grow. We are completely dedicated to accountability and transparency, both with our clients and within our organization, because we believe that the only way to improve is to identify and acknowledge areas for improvement. Constant dialogue and collaboration between ourselves and our users ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises.

Raising the standard

Following trends is against our credo: our mission is to create exciting and truly new solutions. We strive to remain one step ahead of the pack, and are constantly searching for novel approaches and unique mathematical solutions. Our expert team is always working to bring you the tools you need to solve your business challenges.

User satisfaction

Our reputation precedes us in user satisfaction. Our client list spans the globe and ranges from Fortune 100 corporations to novice designers, and we are incredibly proud of our 100% satisfaction rate. Our tools are totally customizable, and we thrive on creating unique solutions for your unique needs. Tell us your problem, we'll solve it!

How we work

First contact & vision discussion

Reach out to us and share your vision in your own words. Tell us about your goals and challenges. Don't worry about the details, we will figure those out together.

Product concept

Now it's our turn to process your ideas and come back to you with some additional thoughts, suggestions, or questions based on our experience and expertise. This includes working out possible projects and offering specific consultancy services to your needs.


Once we have your approval, we will prepare and send our proposal, which includes (as necessary): high-level specifications, deliverables, milestones, schedule, pricing.


Upon signing the agreement, we start working on your solution. We begin with a detailed design and specification.

Work and iterations

We collaborate with regular consultations and reviews throughout the whole project.


We deliver your awesome desired solution.

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Meet our Team

Our unique and enthusiast team of 25 people boasts a collective 148 years of experience in the 3D and AR/VR engineering industries in design, UI/UX, and product planning. We have offices in San Mateo, California and Budapest, Hungary.

Roland Manyai
Zoltan Karpati
Gabor Radanyi
Dorottya Esztergálos
Dorka is a marketing professional with a thirst for knowledge and an all-round experience in the field, therefore she is very excited to work on projects at the forefront of innovation. She also found a new hobby in VR gaming and loves to take her friends and family to play.
Henriett Zsohár
She is the real soul of the team. She is passionate about helping anyone in the office and outside of it as well: she is a competitor of a PET boat contest making a better world with less trash. When she is tired of saving the world, she plays quiz with Carlos.
She is currently on leave because her child was born.
Csilla Veres
She never thought she could visit Mars or swim with dolphins at work, but it’s possible at Leopoly. VR and 3D solutions were a mystery for Csilla, but fortunately, she knows her way around perfectly in the world of numbers. On top of that, she is our financial assistant and in charge of all supplies, so she always makes sure that there is no shortage of delicacies in our office.
Dániel Andrássy
Loves to build fruitful partnerships and awesome tech products. Daniel comes from the business field but he has always been obsessed with useful and entertaining digital products and the way they come to life.
Zsófia Béky
Being a product designer, she keeps the users in the center of attention. Her goal for the product is to be both useful and usable. She likes to grasp problems and find creative solutions for them. She finds the VR world an exciting place, full of new experiences for our users.
Carlos Acosta
He used to work for SMEs with multinational clients in the field of telecommunication. First he was impressed by the team, and then 3D and VR captured his attention as well. So now, he is fully passionate about creating the best 3D product creation platform in the world.
Ágoston Vasas
Ágó is a talented designer who loves to see his creations come to life in virtual reality. He is also the biggest consumer of company coffee and an avid foodie, which he claims boosts his creativity.
Tamás Bella
Master of consistency, precision, proactivity and various programming languages. This guy was blessed with two kids and the supernatural ability to estimate development time accurately. We assume that he also has some sort of temperature-resistant rhino skin, because he comes to work by bike in the middle of the winter too.
Endre Kolláth
Endre is the godfather of our C++ proprietary engine. As the father of 3 kids, he doesn't get any sleep… Yet he outplayed Roland, the CEO. In chess, for the time being.
Mátyás Gönczöl
If somebody needs playfulness and enthusiasm, Matyi is our man. He spends most of his time with video games, always looking for a new story or playing tactically with his friends online. He capitalizes on these abilities to answer logical or design questions in his projects. He is always up for good food -- especially with cheese!
Márk Kovács
Mark is a great coder with strong mathematical skills. He finds a lot of joy in programming, even in his free time, so it’s safe to say that his work is his hobby. He loves playing video games, though he insists he plays less than Matyi. As a true tech-savvy, he is always up to date on the latest news and findings from the science world.
Sándor Deák
After graduating in mathematics, Sandor shifted towards the gaming industry and gained some experience in graphics and game engine programming. In his free time Sandor likes to work on personal projects which are mostly about graphics programming, or he just dives into a topic that interests him at the given moment. VR is still new to him both from a developer and a user point of view, but Sandor feels it is a very interesting topic with lots of possibilities.
Anna Hidvégi
For Anna, being a developer is all about creation, especially the creation of shiny, moving, cool stuff. Not surprisingly, she loves video games but tries to spend more time developing, than playing them. She also likes comic books, tabletop RPGs and hiking, and is passionate about human rights and LGBTQ activism.
László Magda
Laci loves to think in terms of systems and rules, so it’s no surprise that he found beauty both in law and programming, studying the former, then taking the latter as a job. He is a fan of game development and AR/VR technology, but finds pleasure in playing video games, studying foreign languages and travelling.


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