Insole customizer


Our unique and easy-to-use CAD-supported software solution enables your business to digitize, simplify and automate the insole manufacturing process. The white-label, end-to-end solution comes with a customizable front-end and a modular feature set tailored to your production needs. Scale your business and enter the era of mass customization within the healthcare industry by utilizing 3D scanning and 3D printing.

How is our insole editor revolutionizing the healthcare industry?

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3D Scan solution

Leopoly can provide you with an iPhone-based scan application or we can connect you with third-party hardware solutions.


The editor called LeoInsole, provides AI-supported 3D editing and personalization of every insole with ease.

3D Print

3D print and CNC compatibility. We can connect you with third-party hardware solutions or help you find your desired printer. 

LeoInsole can provide end-to-end solution as well as only the modules you need. We can help you with the data collection, 
optimization, through personalization and manufacturing, but you have the freedom to ask only the module you need. 

Benefits of digital manufacturing

Benefits of LeoInsole

Main features


Our model is focusing on payment in line with your success. It is a combination of: