Automate the production processes of O&P medical devices
- easy to use end-to-end solutions to digitize and simplify

LeoMed is transforming and digitizing Orthotic and Prosthetic production workflows with the help of additive manufacturing and 3D/VR

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Increased Productivity & Efficiency

Accuracy, waste minimisation, increased volume, repeatable consistency, less errors and returns are just a few examples of what the digitized workflow can provide.

Your Business at the Forefront

By digitizing O&P device production process you establish the competitive edge of your business and secure your position on this rapidly advancing market.

Sped Up & Simplified Design Steps

These easy-to-use product design modification tools help clinicians to interact with 3D objects and modify them without any difficulty.

Better O&P Devices

3D printing is opening up new possibilities in structure, look and materials. Lightweight, flexible, comfortable, attractive - just a few advantages of what this technology can provide.


Modular Design Engine

Our design engine is where the true innovation lies, and it makes our revolutionary tools possible. We are constantly working to enhance and perfect its capabilities.

The engine is very rich in features and capabilities and it is built on modules. This is where all the geometry modifications happen. Select the modules that you need for your solution!

Processing 3D Scans

Our solution is prepared to process unique 3D scans and identify landmarks on it with AI supported geometry search.

Find matching product design templates from a scalable database and tailor it to the 3D scan automatically by applying geometry modifications.

Visualization & Customizable Front End

Real-time 3D Visualization and customizable user interface tailored to your brand and product.
Customizable design steps, toolsets and workflow 3D visualization that will run smoothly on any device. Set Parameters and editing features, import models at ease.

Cloud Service

Thanks to our distributed stateless cloud based service system, the client app will run smoothly on any device and scalability will never be a problem.



Adjusting geometry to body shapes, finding the right model templates and the automatic landmark detection, etc. speed up and help simplifying the design process.


If you need more complex 3D editing options, you can use our professional direct modeling and sculpting tools to create and customize O&P devices in a virtual reality environment.

Meet our Team

Our unique and enthusiast team of 25 people boasts a collective 148 years of experience in the 3D and AR/VR engineering industries in design, UI/UX, and product planning. We have offices in San Mateo, California and Budapest, Hungary.

We see no boundaries of what's possible

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