Unique and easy to use CAD software solution that enables businesses to digitize, simplify and automate the additive manufacturing process

Software solutions tailored to your production needs of wearables, implants and other healthcare products at scale by utilizing 3D scanning and 3D printing.
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LeoShape software provides end-to-end digital manufacturing solutions that ANYONE can use

3D Scan Processing

Our software is prepared to process unique 3D scans and it is compatible with any kind of 3D scanners.

Easy Digital Product Customization

Easy to use product design modification tools. No need for any difficult or complex technical interactions.

3D Print Integration and Compatibility

The system can be integrated with your solutions or other 3rd party services such as 3D printing, seamlessly.

LeoShape 3D

is a software and service, based on our proprietary smart CAD design engine, scan data processing, visualization and cloud service.

Modular Design Engine

Our design engine is where the true innovation lies, and it makes our revolutionary tools possible. We are constantly working to enhance and perfect its capabilities.

The engine is very rich in features and capabilities and it is built on modules. This is where all the geometry modifications happen. Select the modules that you need for your solution!

Processing 3D Scans

Our solution is prepared to process unique 3D scans and identify landmarks on it with AI supported geometry search.

Find matching product design templates from a scalable database and tailor it to the 3D scan automatically by applying geometry modifications.

Visualization & Customizable Front End

Real-time 3D Visualization and customizable user interface tailored to your brand and product.
Customizable design steps, toolsets and workflow 3D visualization that will run smoothly on any device. Set Parameters and editing features, import models at ease.

Cloud Service

Thanks to our distributed stateless cloud based service system, the client app will run smoothly on any device and scalability will never be a problem.

Speed and Affordability

Thanks to our modular software architecture we can rapidly introduce new products and implement editing options based on your needs.

Recent Projects

HP Arize

HP uses LeoShape for their orthotics solution called Arize, which enables podiatrists to deliver quality 3D printed custom foot orthotics to their patients.


We have developed the first retail mass customization solution for Lowe’s subsidiary company, Orchard to let customers personalize their interior decoration before buying them.

Voronoi Furniture

Furniture manufacturer utilizes LeoShape 3D product customizer to offer tailormade items to its customers. Creating unique Voronoi patterns from arbitrary 3D meshes for their own furnitures.


BSH's subsidiary company enabled its customers to personalise and 3D print their kitchen accessories through their website. Leoshape's modular design engine was chosen to deliver this particular AM solution.

Pricing Options

We offer licence based pricing and we can adjust it to your business needs. Get in touch for more information.

LeoShape is great for

Custom Healthcare & Athletics

Orthosis, Implants
Ear products, Orthognathic surgery
Prosthetics, Casts

Fashion and Clothing

Jewelry, Shoes
Glasses and eyewear

Military and Heavy Duty Gears

Helmet, Exoskeleton
Extreme/action sports gear

& Other Products

Automobile, Furniture, Home Decor, Accessories and more...

Meet our Team

Our unique and enthusiast team of 25 people boasts a collective 148 years of experience in the 3D and AR/VR engineering industries in design, UI/UX, and product planning. We have offices in San Mateo, California and Budapest, Hungary.

We see no boundaries of what's possible

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