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The LeoShape product line is based on Leopoly’s own CAD / 3D design engine, a versatile, modular and scalable solution. It is already used in many industries, including home accessories, fashion and more thanks to its modularity and easy to use characteristics.

The solution is highly appreciated in the medical industry. It enables your business to digitize, simplify, and automate the manufacturing process of O&P medical devices. The white-label, web-based software comes with a customizable front end, and a modular feature set tailored to your production needs.

Products and services

Leopoly offers solutions from 3D scanning – personalization – to 3D printing, in a modular format.
We use our own state of the art AI supported software technology and third party hardware solutions.

LeoInsole is an easy to use 3D editor software to create customized insole for your patient utilizing 3D scanning and 3D printing.

Our 3D editor engine can be tailored to your product needs, scale your business and discover the benefits of additive manufacturing.

We are currently developing customized AFO, shoe Last, corset 3D editor software for our healthcare partners, drop us a message if you are interested!

The Technology behind LeoShape: Modular 3D Design Engine

Our design engine is where the true innovation lies, and it makes our revolutionary tools possible.
We are constantly working to enhance and perfect its capabilities.

The engine is very rich in features and capabilities and it is built on modules.
This is where all the geometry modifications happen. Select the modules that you need for your solution!

Processing 3D Scans

Visualization & Customizable Front End

Cloud service

Some of our Editors



Spinal Brace

Shoe Last

Do you have a project in mind?

Leoshape offers versatile, desktop app or cloud-based 3D editor software with a customizable front-end,
easy integration, 3D scan and 3D print integration to make your project a reality.

How we work together: