Augmented and Virtual Reality
training solutions

Informative and engaging AR/VR applications that are easy to use for any employee, student or client. Our AR/VR training materials are being used by millions globally.

Area of Expertise

Our custom built inhouse framework enables us to reliably and quickly create quality training products for multiplatform usage.

Virtual Reality (VR) Platforms

Training materials built for VR devices such as: Oculus, HTC, Windows.

Augmented Reality (AR) Platforms

Training courses and apps built for: Microsoft HoloLens.


We are delighted to continuously contribute to educational learning experiences for the zSpace platform as an official reseller and developer.

Mobile AR

Augmented Reality (AR) training courses or programs built for smartphones and devices.

Since Leopoly has significant experience in the healthcare field and they understand the requirements of multinational companies Leopoly was the perfect choice for us to develop our AR Training module. The project went very smooth as Leopoly was able to flexibly adapt to all of PwC’s technical and process requirements throughout the whole development. We hope to work again soon in other projects as well.
~ PwC ~

Recent AR/VR Training Projects


An augmented reality safety training for smartphones about the global COVID19 pandemic.

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Brigetio Museum

The scientifically accurate digital resurrection of an ancient Roman village with the help of modern Virtual Reality technologies.

zSpace Experiences

Our Experiences built for the zSpace environment are used by millions of students every year.

Healthcare Training

AR training software for a medical equipment manufacturer built for HoloLense as their chosen AR device.

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Leopoly is an innovative software development company speciliazing in 3D / VR and / AR technologies.

Our company offers ready to use software products as well as on demand solutions based on its proprietary software technology.

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