Strategic partnership

We are proud to partner with innovative companies that are building the future with technology. Our industry-leading partners utilize Leopoly’s sophisticated 3D and VR/AR solutions to continue to perfect and build upon their visionary ideas, and we are delighted to be part of their journey.

As the world's leading 3D education provider, zSpace is transforming schools all around the globe by engaging children through AR and VR learning experiences configured for classrooms, labs, media centers, and makerspaces. We are delighted to have contributed to over a dozen educational learning experiences for the zSpace platform so far and there is more to come. Please see some of our developments below, and let us know if you have questions or need an app for your classroom.

Experiences supplied by Leopoly

Dental Suite
Fossils and Environmental Change
Desert Biome Structure & Function
Fish Structure and Function Simulation
Sensory Info, Process and Respond
Beach & River Erosion
Motion and Collisions
Newton’s Cradle
Dropping Balls
Rock Cycle
Water Cycle
Pipetting Edu Simulation
Flu Edu Simulation

Coming Soon

Leopoly Dental Assistant Training Solution

Gastronomy Experience

3D Design Application

Get In Touch For

Vocational education, such as mechanics, health care

K12 experiences, including classic physics and biology, or even gamified educational experiences like robotics and more

We have been working together for several years and we highly recommend Leopoly to our partners looking for unique solutions for zSpace. The team’s dedication, flexibility and skillset in supplying tailor made solutions is remarkable and Leopoly have become our most contributive educational training simulation developer.

How we work

First contact & product idea

Our first step is to understand more about you and the product that you had in mind. We ask questions like: who would the application be for? What kind of content would the experience focus on?


We continue the conversation by working out the time and budget estimations for the content development and touch base on any arising questions, like are we going to include subject matter experts or who is responsible for what. We list the next steps and define the milestones of our business agreement.

Product concept

The work begins on our end with a high-level product concept proposal. This embodies the goals and objectives of the training program, the detailed specifications of the product, and the content to be covered in the learning experience. We deliver this to you based on all the information we have gathered from you.


Upon signing the agreement, we start working on the product. Our first step is detailing everything we have discussed and creating an educational design document that gives a clear timeline of the development process, including how the application will work and look, but we also list the planned interactions, creative contents, and all other important steps too.


Our development work begins, which involves our defined milestones. Each milestone is a deliverable version of the app that lets you keep a close eye on our progress and gives you the opportunity to review the developments and regularly consult with us.


We deliver your top-notch and engaging zSpace experience.


Do you have new zSpace app ideas?