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zSpace Experiences
HP Sprout

Education, hardware platform

zSpace, a virtual and augmented reality interactive computer geared toward education, has teamed up with Leopoly to offer STEAM students and teachers a new way to explore educational content. Through Leopoly, teachers can now receive entry-level training courses as well as sample lesson plans and guides to introduce their students to the world of digital asset creation and 3D printing.

zSpace was looking for a solution provider that could be a real partner in transforming education and schools.
Luckily our flexibility, coding abilities and the performances of our initial applications have impressed zSpace, and we have partnered with them to build a consistent and extensive knowledge base that covers anatomy, geography, physics and chemistry.
We have worked closely with subject matter experts who reviewed the quality and structures of the zSpace Experience learning materials. These solutions can be configured for classrooms, labs, media centers, and makerspaces, with the mobile solution transporting zSpace experiences to any classroom or learning space.
The end result is more effective student engagement through exploration and experiential learning.

zSpace provides experiences and the medium to support instruction and promote students' learning and curiosity. Students learn by asking questions, gathering information, developing models, testing ideas, analyzing data, and developing conclusions. Teachers facilitate learning by setting up tools and resources that help students through the lesson.

The team’s dedication, flexibility and skillset in supplying tailor made solutions is remarkable and Leopoly have become our most contributive educational training simulation developer.

Pete Johnson,
Vice President,
Business Development at zSpace Inc

Education, hardware platform

Leopoly’s 3D asset creation software is now available on HP Sprout devices. Sprout devices feature an all-touch interface, both screen and pad, as well as a 3D scanner to bring all sorts of objects into the creative space. Paired with Leopoly’s software, users can easily design, create, export, and print their own personalized 3D models.

HP’s Sprout computer was built for creative people, who are interested in drawing, music and art.
To best fulfill their users' needs, HP sought a partner that could supply creative solutions relevant to their target group. They have teamed up with us to do this by using our 3D editing and designing native software.
Our 3D assets were the perfect match for the innovative HP Sprout computer with two screens.
We had to optimize our solution for a double touchscreen, which was an exciting challenge both in terms of UX design and technological requirements.
The end result of the project is a truly unique product that is a great fit for Sprout users. With our built-in 3D scanner, touchscreen capability and motion-sensing-projector, it is possible to design, color and change the form of models in a huge variety of ways. The design software takes advantage of all of these input methods and lets users scan textures or objects to insert into their designs.

The app received great feedback from both HP and the Sprout users, and our app is one of the key selling points of the device.

"The marriage between the new groundbreaking Leopoly software and HP hardware platform finally bridges the gap between technology and the DIY culture, enabling the creative community to let their imagination come to life by shaping blended reality."

Roland Manyai,


The scientifically accurate digital resurrection of an ancient Roman village with the help of modern Virtual Reality technologies.

The goal of this Virtual Reality project was to reconstruct several ancient Roman buildings, including a house and garden, a bakery, and the surrounding street, which were discovered during an excavation in Komarom, Hungary. This VR exhibition will be presented at the local museum, along with the physical results and findings of the excavation and other artifacts.
The Museum Director reached out to us hoping to add some spice and excitement to the average museum experience.
Our main and most important goal was to make the 3D assets and interactions scientifically accurate and precise to the Roman times.
To achieve historical authenticity when representing buildings, tools, paintings and statues from the Roman era, we developed the Brigetio application in close collaboration with local archaeologists and professionals. We recreated rooftops terrazzo stones and tile flooring from samples that were recovered at the archeological site.
Our 3D experience also includes built in games designed to make the virtual visit even more enjoyable.

Bread Baking

Experience an authentic ancient Roman bread baking process

Inspect and use scientifically accurate tools and equipment


Ancient Roman Gods

Learn about the most important ancient Roman gods by playing an engaging memory game


Fruits and Vegetables

Sort different fruits and vegetables based on what ancient Roman people actually ate in the first century AD and learn which vegetables they were unfamiliar with and why

We believe that the app, with all its educational and fun mini games,
will bring joy to all visitors and give everyone the opportunity to discover and experience how these Roman people lived their daily lives and how the Roman village once looked like in its golden age.

"Our museum has a memorable and archaeologically exact VR experience, thanks to Leopoly. The team has done an excellent job: whether it was a 3D scanned mosaic or objects recovered from the Roman era, every archaeological finding was perfectly transferred into a realistic VR environment."

Dr. David Bartus,
Head of Department,
Associate Professor,
Deputy Director

Leopoly Makers

Our 3D/VR playground. Built with budding designers and young learners in mind, LeoMaker is a totally free Leopoly product made for the next generation of innovators to spread their creative wings, unleash their imagination, and get comfortable with hightech 3D design tools.

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