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Education, hardware platform

Leopoly’s 3D asset creation software is now available on HP Sprout devices. Sprout devices feature an all-touch interface, both screen and pad, as well as a 3D scanner to bring all sorts of objects into the creative space. Paired with Leopoly’s software, users can easily design, create, export, and print their own personalized 3D models.

HP’s Sprout computer was built for creative people, who are interested in drawing, music and art.
To best fulfill their users' needs, HP sought a partner that could supply creative solutions relevant to their target group. They have teamed up with us to do this by using our 3D editing and designing native software.
Our 3D assets were the perfect match for the innovative HP Sprout computer with two screens.
We had to optimize our solution for a double touchscreen, which was an exciting challenge both in terms of UX design and technological requirements.
The end result of the project is a truly unique product that is a great fit for Sprout users. With our built-in 3D scanner, touchscreen capability and motion-sensing-projector, it is possible to design, color and change the form of models in a huge variety of ways. The design software takes advantage of all of these input methods and lets users scan textures or objects to insert into their designs.

The app received great feedback from both HP and the Sprout users, and our app is one of the key selling points of the device.

"The marriage between the new groundbreaking Leopoly software and HP hardware platform finally bridges the gap between technology and the DIY culture, enabling the creative community to let their imagination come to life by shaping blended reality."

Roland Manyai,

Leopoly Makers

Our 3D/VR playground. Built with budding designers and young learners in mind, LeoMaker is a totally free Leopoly product made for the next generation of innovators to spread their creative wings, unleash their imagination, and get comfortable with hightech 3D design tools.

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