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A revolutionary engine enabling businesses to meet the changing demands of addictive manufacturing by designing, optimizing and managing 3D files and tailored virtual product designs.

About LeoShape

LeoShape, our 3D/VR digital product design solution, is the mothership of Leopoly products. This tool enables users to build virtually any idea with our 3D model visualization technologies. Users can automate design and 3D file optimization with ease, whether they are corporate professionals or 3D hobbyists. This game-changing software is powered by LeoEngine, a modular software engine that simplifies your process by making it quick to launch and easy to customize and maintain. Our services boast several functions, including:

Automatic and paranetric generation of customized designs

LeoShape renders customized products based on a huge variety of inputs. It can also generate cell structures automatically or manually based on various inputs for light-weighting the product, or changing flexibility, and automatically create watermarking and 3D texturing.

Freehand design

LeoShape is a perfect tool for organic sculpting, object mixing, boolean operations, and morphing or bending shapes. Our advanced technology also makes detail work easy, including 3D texturing; cutting, hollowing, and perforating; and engraving or stamping text and logos onto your design.

3D/VR/AR Visualization

LeoShape allows you to explore 3D models and animations with pressure point visualization. Users can cycle through multiple representations of models to simulate mechanisms so you can completely evaluate your designs virtually.

3D Model Analysis and Detection

LeoShape can conduct model orientation based on geometric criteria to ensure accurate imaging the first time. It also provides data validation using polygon count or dimensions, and conducts area recognition. Users can find what they need with ease, because LeoShape lets you quickly search and locate matching 3D models.

There are few tools on the market that perform these functions, and most of them are massive solutions where development and customization can be slow and challenging.

Our agile solution puts us a step ahead: we provide tools tailored to your exact needs, with much greater flexibility, affordability, and speed than legacy solutions, and it is incredibly easy to integrate into your own business and production processes.

Save time and money, speed up the sales process, create stunning designs, and minimize effort.

LeoShape is best for

3D Printing

LeoShape is the perfect tool for all of your 3D printing and modeling needs. Achieve a high level of detail, seamless integration and intuitive visualization tools to ensure that your designs are exactly what you need.

Healthcare & Athletics

Create unique products for healthcare and athletic functions. LeoShape is the best tool for designing custom prosthetics, orthopedics, insoles, and sports equipment, and our software’s agility allows you to ensure that everything is exactly what you need in an industry that demands perfection.


Design any automotive part you need to ensure that they match your exact parameters. Car parts and automotive innovation are difficult to perfect, but LeoShape allows you to get down to minute details and eliminate and errors in the design process.

Designers & Engineers

LeoShape is built for creators. Any 3D or VR/AR design you want to build can be built in LeoShape, at any level of expertise. Whether you want to create digital art or mechanical hardware, you can do so with ease with this powerful software.

To revolutionize conventional training attitudes and methodologies, and change the world’s approach to the learning processes.

Equip your workforce better with innovative trainings to evolve beyond traditional methodologies and shake up the learning process. LeoTrainer is built to eliminate boring, ineffective trainings by introducing highly tailored, easy to use VR/AR solutions that are as impactful as they are fun.

About LeoTrainer

LeoTrainer is built to make training more engaging and effective.
It has been shown that people undergoing traditional training methods require trainer assistance for up to 83% of tasks, while those using VR methods need none. Our tool can be used for:

Soft Skills and Situational Training

Eliminate communication problems and enhance your team's soft skills with unique conversational and public speaking trainings.

Object Focused Training

Make object focused training easy with LeoTrainer's capacity for complex structures, object and terminology memorization, and object relation trainings.

Procedure Training

LeoTrainer is effective across several industries, with specialized trainings in medical procedures; assembly and manufacturing; mechanical processes; fabrication techniques; machine operation; and safety & emergency practices.

Subject-Specific STEAM K-12 Education

Reach your students more effectively with fun and engaging courses in biology, mathematics, history, art, and more.

SCORM Compliance

Our users can expect the most modern e-learning software. With LeoTrainer, you will have access to our training files in the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM). Now, you can ensure that your training files are compatible with any LMS and be confident that you are using a top-of- the-line VR/AR training program with no hidden difficulties.

EdTech is a trendy industry, but there are very few softwares as effective and comprehensive as LeoTrainer. Our highly tailored, easy-to-use solutions are affordable and adaptable, and our unique approach allows learners to figuratively "get their hands dirty" in a way that leaves a much longer-lasting impact. We also provide long-term consultancy, a collaborative working method, and post-training data so you can constantly improve your trainings.

LeoTrainer is a time- and cost-efficient service that promotes more effective knowledge transfer in a risk-free environment. Engage your learners and speed up the learning process without sacrificing complexity or depth of knowledge.

LeoTrainer is best for

Corporation Learning

LeoTrainer can be used to improve virtually any professional capacity with our virtual reality trainings. Our diverse suite of trainings will enhance both soft and hard skills within you team and perfect the details in a way that can usually only be achieved through hands-on experience.

K-12 Teachers and Students

Conduct innovative K-12 educational experience with oursubject-based trainings. You can study everything from complex terminology memorization to hands-on studies in science, math, history, art, and more with LeoTrainer.

Vocational Training

Make training faster, safer, and more effective across industries and functions. LeoTrainer’s scenario-based trainings span industries, from medical procedures to assembly and manufacturing. Ensure that your learners have the best in training before they begin working, and capture the data to identify problem areas and improve future work.

Explore, learn, and entertain in a unique new way.

LeoSpace brings the world for you, letting you investigate incredible places and possibilities. Our VR/AR experience lets you explore every corner of the world, from modern offices and homes to ancient civilizations or futuristic habitats. The sky is the limit.

About LeoSpace

LeoSpace empowers you to traverse the world from the comfort of your desk. Approach us with any physical space you want to see, and our team of experts will produce it for you or your clients to explore and share. Whether you want to walk through the Roman Coliseum or your own corporate office, we can build it.


Explore and engage with physical structures in a new way. LeoSpace is perfect for virtual reconstructions and renovation, enabling you to bring impossible scenes to life. Step into a historical monument, or make your exhibitions more interactive, with the power of VR/AR.

Presenting, Testing and Prototyping

Use LeoSpace to improve your production process with easier, more interactive options for viewing, presenting, and interacting with product prototypes. You can easily compare product design variations and cycle through multiple model representations to simulate mechanisms at your own pace and level of detail.

Entertainment and Social Experiences

Interact in a virtual world. LeoSpace empowers you to create unique VR spaces for socialization, content sharing, collaboration, and even gaming.

VR Interior Design Testing

Eliminate risk and unnecessary effort with our comprehensive interior design possibilities. LeoSpace makes it easy for you to build and furnish a room, compare different designs, and test furniture without leaving your desk.

The possibilities for LeoSpace are virtually endless. Schedule a consultation about your unique VR spatial rendering needs today.

LeoSpace is best for

Museums, Expos, Theme Parks - Curators, Educators, and Visitors

LeoTrainer can be used in virtually any professional capacity. Improve both soft and hard skills with our diverse suite of trainings.

Product Managers, Designers, and Specialists

Whether you're designing a physical product or an additive solution, cross-team collaboration and detailed product creation have never been easier. Facilitate clear communication between product managers and creators, eliminating endless revisions and costly misunderstandings.

Sales Representatives and Customers

Empower your sales functions with stunning, complex designs that will help clients grasp your product offerings, speed up the sales process, and leave users satisfied when the finished project meets their expectations.

To empower everyday users to become 3D creators and artists.

Turn your visions into reality! ShapeLab by Leopoly empowers everyday users to become 3D creators and artists in minutes. This tool helps you build your own models and bring your ideas to life through digital sculpting and painting, using the easiest mesh-based sculpting technology available today.

About ShapeLab

Step into our virtual lab and unleash your imagination. ShapeLab by Leopoly is the ultimate tool for independent 3D and VR creators, from complete novices to professional designers. Our rich design toolset and 3D model library will help you:

Get Started!

ShapeLab by Leopoly is so easy to use that you won't even need any lessons before you begin. It's common for users to start creating amazing digital assets at every level of training - as you can see from our library. Working in our life-like environments with spatial input devices makes creating intuitive, and our appealing presentation empowers you to dig into the details.

Speed Up Your Workflow

Our tool routinely saves users about 30% of the time spent in the design process. Our swift sketching tool makes forming base models and creating 3D designs from scratch simple. Post-design evaluation and adjustment are equally easy using ShapeLabVR, which eliminates the need for physical prototypes and mockups and makes rearrangement and comparison quicker than ever before.

Test and Revise Your Design

View your design in greater detail to achieve in-depth visualization. ShapeLab by Leopoly helps you comprehend scale and depth naturally, allowing for a more appealing presentation experience and greater design detail with a level of specificity that can provoke visceral engagement.

There's no better tool for basic, intuitive 3D and VR design. Whether you have a career in the industry or you're simply curious, our super-usable tool is sure to exceed your expectations and improve your design process.

ShapeLab is best for

Digital Artists and Independent Designers

Our affordable, adaptable solution will improve your workflow and save you time and effort, empowering you to complete projects better, faster.

Startups and Game Studios

ShapeLab by Leopoly is the best place to begin for startups who need to develop 3D and VR renderings. Our tool is affordable without sacrificing quality, and is the best place to begin.

Hobbyists and Novice Creators

Our super-usable solution will help you improve your skills, learn the ins-and-outs of 3D and VR design, and harness your passion and talent to create every vision you have.

Powered by LeoEngine

LeoEngine is where the true innovation lies, and it makes our revolutionary tools possible. This sophisticated engine is the backbone of our products, and we are constantly working to enhance and perfect its capabilities. Want to license LeoEngine for your projects? Get in touch!

3D pixels and mesh base

Unlike most solutions, our core engine works with voxel and vertex based 3D modelling. Our expertise in each of these 3D model representations allows us to continuously tackle problems quickly and to supply the highest resolution with the widest compatibility.

Popular 3D file formats

Our custom-built 3D solutions are available in all the most common 3D file formats, including OBJ and STL extensions, that are widely used in 3D printing, video games, engineering and architecture.

Featured projects


Build your own models and bring your ideas to life through digital sculpting and painting, using the easiest meshbased sculpting technology available today.

HP Sprout

Leopoly’s 3D asset creation software is bringing all sorts of objects into the creative space.

Leopoly Makers

Built for budding designers and learners, Leopoly Makers was made for the next generation of innovators to spread their creative wings and get comfortable with 3D design tools.


Custom-built VR and AR experiences developed for the world’s leading 3D education provider.


A scientifically accurate digital resurrection of an ancient Roman village for a local museum, with the help of modern VR technologies.


A scientifically accurate digital resurrection of an ancient Roman village for a local museum, with the help of modern VR technologies.

Supported devices