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To revolutionize conventional training attitudes and methodologies, and change the world’s approach to the learning processes with fun and engaging learning experiences.

About LeoTrainer

Explore, learn and entertain in a unique new way. Equip your workforce better with innovative trainings to evolve beyond traditional methodologies and shake up the learning process. LeoTrainer is built to eliminate boring, ineffective trainings by introducing highly tailored, easy to use VR/AR solutions that are as impactful as they are fun.. Our tool can be used for:

Procedure Training

LeoTrainer is effective across several industries, with specialized trainings in medical procedures; assembly and manufacturing; mechanical processes; fabrication techniques; machine operation; and safety & emergency practices.


Explore and engage with physical structures in a new way. LeoTrainer is perfect for virtual reconstructions and renovation, enabling you to bring impossible scenes to life. Step into a historical monument, or make your exhibitions more interactive, with the power of VR/AR.

Presenting, Testing and Prototyping

Use LeoTrainer to improve your production process with easier, more interactive options for viewing, presenting, and interacting with product prototypes. You can easily compare product design variations and cycle through multiple model representations to simulate mechanisms at your own pace and level of detail.

Subject-Specific STEAM K-12 Education

Reach your students more effectively with fun and engaging courses in biology, mathematics, history, art, and more.

SCORM Compliance

Our users can expect the most modern e-learning software. With LeoTrainer, you will have access to our training files in the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM). Now, you can ensure that your training files are compatible with any LMS and be confident that you are using a top-of- the-line VR/AR training program with no hidden difficulties.

EdTech is a trendy industry, but there are very few softwares as effective and comprehensive as LeoTrainer. Our highly tailored, easy-to-use solutions are affordable and adaptable, and our unique approach allows learners to figuratively "get their hands dirty" in a way that leaves a much longer-lasting impact. We also provide long-term consultancy, a collaborative working method, and post-training data so you can constantly improve your trainings. Our modular software base guarantees a fást and reliable solution.

The solution is available on multiple platforms, includsing immersive VR, such as Oculus, HTC, Windows Mixed Reality headsets, on HoloLens and zSpace.

LeoTrainer is best for

Corporation Learning

LeoTrainer can be used to improve virtually any professional capacity with our virtual reality trainings. Our diverse suite of trainings will enhance both soft and hard skills within you team and perfect the details in a way that can usually only be achieved through hands-on experience.

K-12 Teachers and Students

Conduct innovative K-12 educational experience with our subject-based trainings. You can study everything from complex terminology memorization to hands-on studies in science, math, history, art, and more with LeoTrainer.

Museums, Expos, Theme Parks - Curators, Educators, and Visitors

LeoTrainer can be used in virtually any professional capacity. Improve both soft and hard skills with our diverse suite of trainings

Featured projects


Custom-built VR and AR experiences developed for the world’s leading 3D education provider.


A scientifically accurate digital resurrection of an ancient Roman village for a local museum, with the help of modern VR technologies.

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