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To empower everyday users to become 3D creators and artists.

Turn your visions into reality! ShapeLab by Leopoly empowers everyday users to become 3D creators and artists in minutes. This tool helps you build your own models and bring your ideas to life through digital sculpting and painting, using the easiest mesh-based sculpting technology available today.

About ShapeLab

Step into our virtual lab and unleash your imagination. ShapeLab by Leopoly is the ultimate tool for independent 3D and VR creators, from complete novices to professional designers. Our rich design toolset and 3D model library will help you:

Get Started!

ShapeLab by Leopoly is so easy to use that you won't even need any lessons before you begin. It's common for users to start creating amazing digital assets at every level of training - as you can see from our library. Working in our life-like environments with spatial input devices makes creating intuitive, and our appealing presentation empowers you to dig into the details.

Speed Up Your Workflow

Our tool routinely saves users about 30% of the time spent in the design process. Our swift sketching tool makes forming base models and creating 3D designs from scratch simple. Post-design evaluation and adjustment are equally easy using ShapeLabVR, which eliminates the need for physical prototypes and mockups and makes rearrangement and comparison quicker than ever before.

Test and Revise Your Design

View your design in greater detail to achieve in-depth visualization. ShapeLab by Leopoly helps you comprehend scale and depth naturally, allowing for a more appealing presentation experience and greater design detail with a level of specificity that can provoke visceral engagement.

There's no better tool for basic, intuitive 3D and VR design. Whether you have a career in the industry or you're simply curious, our super-usable tool is sure to exceed your expectations and improve your design process.

ShapeLab is best for

Digital Artists and Independent Designers

Our affordable, adaptable solution will improve your workflow and save you time and effort, empowering you to complete projects better, faster.

Startups and Game Studios

ShapeLab by Leopoly is the best place to begin for startups who need to develop 3D and VR renderings. Our tool is affordable without sacrificing quality, and is the best place to begin.

Hobbyists and Novice Creators

Our super-usable solution will help you improve your skills, learn the ins-and-outs of 3D and VR design, and harness your passion and talent to create every vision you have.

Powered by LeoEngine

LeoEngine is where the true innovation lies, and it makes our revolutionary tools possible. This sophisticated engine is the backbone of our products, and we are constantly working to enhance and perfect its capabilities. Want to license LeoEngine for your projects? Get in touch!

3D pixels and mesh base

Unlike most solutions, our core engine works with voxel and vertex based 3D modelling. Our expertise in each of these 3D model representations allows us to continuously tackle problems quickly and to supply the highest resolution with the widest compatibility.

Popular 3D file formats

Our custom-built 3D solutions are available in all the most common 3D file formats, including OBJ and STL extensions, that are widely used in 3D printing, video games, engineering and architecture.

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