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Turn your visions into reality with the best polygon mesh-based VR design app available in 2021!

Shapelab by Leopoly is an intuitive VR design application using dynamic polygon mesh-based sculpting technology, empowering everyday users to become 3D creators while also providing 3D artists with a wide range of powerful and efficient tools to create high-quality models for professional use.

About Shapelab

Step into our virtual lab and unleash your imagination! Here’s how Shapelab can help you take your 3D modeling experience to the next level:


Designing in virtual reality is more intuitive and faster than using traditional 3D modeling software: opening doors for users with no professional qualifications to learn the basics of digital sculpting. Shapelab’s interface is simple and easy to understand, even for first-time users.

Polygon mesh-based

One of Shapelab’s advantages lies in its optional dynamic topology mode and polygon mesh-based approach over voxel-based modeling, which makes it stand out among VR modeling applications, and enables sculpting stunning, well-detailed and realistic 3D models.

Powerful tools

Professionals benefit from the use of VR in the initial stages of their design workflow, as Shapelab is a great tool for quickly blocking out shapes and sculpting highly detailed 3D objects. For those familiar with traditional sculpting tools, our expansive feature set will feel intuitive and comprehensive.

Use Shapelab to

Create digital assets

Shapelab can be used to create detailed organic shapes such as digital props, characters and other 3D assets for applications, games and virtual worlds.

Design concept art

Easily navigate in virtual reality to design concepts for 3D art, as well as 2D assets, such as illustrations and storyboards.

Release your creativity

Put on your VR headset and learn how to sculpt in a relaxing and fun atmosphere. Work on personal projects and create innovative digital art in virtual reality.

Powered by LeoEngine

LeoEngine is where the true innovation lies, and it makes our revolutionary tools possible. This sophisticated engine is the backbone of our products, and we are constantly working to enhance and perfect its capabilities. Want to license LeoEngine for your projects? Get in touch!

3D pixels and mesh base

Unlike most solutions, our core engine works with voxel and vertex based 3D modelling. Our expertise in each of these 3D model representations allows us to continuously tackle problems quickly and to supply the highest resolution with the widest compatibility.

Popular 3D file formats

Our custom-built 3D solutions are available in all the most common 3D file formats, including OBJ and STL extensions, that are widely used in 3D printing, video games, engineering and architecture.

Featured projects


A scientifically accurate digital resurrection of an ancient Roman village for a local museum, with the help of modern VR technologies.

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