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Shapelab has become the best-rated 3D modeling application on STEAM in 2022. This is due to its very intuitive user interface together with its highly efficient sculpting tools. 

Shapelab is great for:


"Shapelab first hooked me with Dynamic Tesselation, which actually greatly enhances the advantage that polygon-based sculpting already has for me over voxel-based sculpting! It really is a boon to my way of working."

Tom Aust - Sculptor and 3D artist


"The multi-object capability, boolean workflow, and paint feature alongside how smoothly it ran took me by surprise. You all have built something that surpasses other tools in many ways".

Cody Rutty - Painter and 3D artist


“I really like where you are going with the program. I did some tests of blocking out full characters and I’m very fast with Shapelab which surprised me as dynamic tessellation isn’t something I’ve been a big fan of. Until now!”

Glen Southern - 3D artist

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How is Shapelab revolutionizing 3D modeling?

Technology Benefits

Main features

Technology Benefits

Main Features