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Experiences creted by Leopoly are used by millions of students every year. We are delighted to continuously contribute to educational learning experiences for the zSpace platform.

Working with us:

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Vocational education, such as mechanics, health care, K12 experiences, including classic physics and biology, or even gamified educational experiences like robotics and more…


“Leopoly team’s dedication, flexibility and skillset in supplying tailor made solutions is remarkable and Leopoly have become our most contributive educational training simulation developer.” 

Pete Johnson ,
Vice President, Business Development
at zSpace Inc.

Ready-to-purchase solutions

Our Dental application is developed for dental assistant students to learn risky procedures in a safe environment.

LETAR is an XR education platform for K12 students including 160 learning modules and custom activity builder for teachers. 

Best rated polygon-based VR sculpting app that is a great tool for 3D artist students. Discover the latest technologies and engage your students!

Leopoly created the most zSpace experiences

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